Get ready for a mind-blowing musical extravaganza that blends the timeless elegance of classical, the soulful improvisation of jazz, and the traditional folk melodies in our own interpretation.

Are you interested to learn how different genres of music influence each other? Can you recognize Chopin's melody in the Bossa Nova hit “How Insensitive” performed by Frank Sinatra and Sting? Are you curious to hear our own jazz variations on the themes of folk songs from Central Europe?

Join us for this listen-and-guess performance to recognize your favorite melodies. The program includes works of pre-jazz era composers with a huge impact on jazz genre, classical music influenced by jazz, Bossa Nova favorites, jazz standards, and our own variations on the themes of Ukrainian and Polish folk songs. Together in one concert we will explore different dialects of the unifying language of music that brings together cultures and people.

Performers in alphabetical order: Emma Burge, violin Cassio Vianna, piano (jazz) Mark Hilliard Wilson, classical guitar

Number of seats limited. Refreshments will be provided, the enjoyment will be guaranteed.

General admission $30